The maturing journey of faith is one of recognizing and encountering the reality of the pathway of transformation. A moving deeper and deeper into the truth of our union , oneness and communion with Yahweh, one another and all of creation. Feasting upon the tree of life and living in the experience of the depth of Yahweh’s love.

An encounter and engagement with the living Lord, abiding in His love and living as love. Not a set of religious transactions and moral behaviours nor just a reading of scripture to gain more knowledge. Becoming who we already are, and living in the flow of the Trinity towards, in and through me to all around. The Kingdom of God emanating from me from my union with God.

“Transformational faith journey, a path that is not about external requirements and transactions but a total actual change of heart and mind, and interior change  and a living from the inside out.”   (quote from my book Heavens Reflections)

We live in times of awakening to the  transfigured and the transcendent lifestyle.

TRANSFORMATION not transactional.

(quotes and writings from my book Heavens Reflections)