Recently I embarked on a road journey that took me through the most glorious green countryside of valleys and mountains;  difficult to see at times due to the mist and cloud formations interspersed with brilliant sunshine and craggy mountain peaks.  The whole trip seemed as if I was in the mist more than sunshine.

This journey spoke to me about the journey many of us are on as we follow the cloud of His glory into the new and expanding path, yet an ancient path…

The journey was beautiful and so to be enjoyed even though at times I could not see what seemed  only a foot in front.

I could not pull over in my car as no space was obvious to do so , and I dare NOT stop as another vehicle may have become my rear passenger.

I slowed and moved forward quietly and gently but with no fear of the unknown. Enjoying and taking in the journey and experience.

THEN all of a sudden I came out into brilliant sunshine with crisp fresh air and colors all around me.

Then into the mist again until the next glorious breakthrough of sunshine and mountain experience.

The journey we are on at present feels and seems just like my road journey…

Following are some of the keys reinforced to me beautifully.

  • Don’t stop when in the mist and fog on this amazing journey but move forward slowly and gently enjoying the expectation of what is to come.
  • Continue to “SIT” patiently in the mystery, staying close to Papa till REVELATION comes flooding in like brilliant rays of sunshine……… and it will .
  • If others seem to be so far out in front or going pass you , stay in His amazing REST, GRACE and JOY .
  • The Lord has a pace just for you!!!!!
  • In times of hiddenness, enjoy the process and the preparation for the next. Hidden in our union with Yahweh and revealed when He releases.
  • Lean further into His blissful love and intimacy and the depths of union and oneness.
  • If you go down a wrong “road”, come back to the last signpost……..  His amazing grace and unconditional love are always there.
  • Valleys and misty places are where the fruit grows and then comes the mountain top experiences.
  • He has sooooo much to show and share with us.

WHEN I reached the end of this  journey my heart was so full of joy at what I had seen physically  as heaven was showing me and reminding me of keys for  this one amazing and glorious journey.
Papa, Yeshua and H.S leading us into the fullness that is and has always been available for us …….. through Christ and the finished work of the cross.

“In us God desires to exhibit the priceless treasure of Christ’s
indwelling; every nation will recognise him as in a mirror! The unveiling of Christ in you exceeds your every expectation!” Col 1:27 (mirror)