Living the Freedom Life

with Peta Condon
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Are you searching for FREEDOM to be your true self...

…to embrace and engage nature,

…to be free from others’ expectations,

…to enjoy the natural beauty of our world,

…to explore and connect in our oneness with all of creation,

…align fully with your God-given design,

…and to find deep rest and learn to JUST BE?


Feeling stuck, held down, tethered is no fun.  Sometimes we don’t even know what’s wrong, we just feel that SOMETHING is not right…

Well…I’ve found FREEDOM!

When I stand at the top of a mountain my whole spirit opens up and I can feel the resonance of heaven.

And I want that for you too.


Embracing Creation

One of the most profound loves of my life is engaging with nature in all it’s forms. 
I believe we are here on earth to restore it to God’s original design.



Critter Hugs

Photos Taken

Peta’s Loves:

  • Bodysurfing the glorious ocean waves
  • Kayaking an unknown river
  • Ascending to the top of a mountain
  • Campfires and bush BBQs
  • Dancing in the grasses
  • Lying in fields of buttercups



  • Chatting with all creatures
  • Calling in the eagles
  • Getting blissed out by birdsong
  • Discovering new trails
  • Exploring the lands
  • Loving life & loving people



As Father shows me truths about:

His Heart | His Fresh Water | Mountain Top Living

I’ll share them here on my blog with you.
I pray you will be blessed, challenged, inspired, and enlarged.

Transformation not Transactional

Transformation not Transactional

The maturing journey of faith is one of recognizing and encountering the reality of the pathway of transformation. A moving deeper and deeper into the truth of our union , oneness and communion with Yahweh, one another and all of creation. Feasting upon the tree of...



Time for the eagles to ascend higher and higher into the realms of heaven for the pure word and truth of what the Lord is saying and showing us.   Sitting by the river engaging The  Lord and heaven I had a glorious engagement with a massive eagle in the natural. The...

A Journey to Freedom

For many years along the journey of life I felt driven to perform for acceptance, to fit the mold of what others expected of me, to be in careers where others would praise for the direction taken.

I was a very high achiever that led to excessive sports and always being on the go – never at rest. 

I have found great freedom, deep rest and a love of who I am now – in my beautiful and unique design that I was birthed out of the heart of the Father with.

Yes, I still am very adventurous, a trail blazer, a lover of life, others and creation… but no longer driven. 

I desire to implement through my blogs and courses what I truly know will bring you great freedom and abundant life.

…a life lived from your unique design, living in the oneness and love of Yahweh.

My heart and passion is to journey deeply in the intimacy of our oneness with Christ.  To know Yahweh’s heart in all things, perceiving always what the Father and heaven are doing.

Getting to Know Me

I was born and raised in the majestic land of Australia, with wonderful Irish heritage. I have a deep love for my nation, and long to impact the cosmos for and with His Kingdom…wherever the road leads.  

WHEN not travelling or writing, I spend many hours outdoors in creation…whether trekking, ocean swimming or tending  a garden.

I’m an edge dweller by nature: exploring, discovering and trailblazing.

Portals of Life

If you’re like me, you just can’t get enough of the beauty and wonder of God’s creation!  These images have drawn many into the deeper dimensions of YHWH’s heart, and his world.

Look | Feel | Engage

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